Attendance Management

Everyone’s goal for Attendance is zero absences. We all know this is not realistic. Your sick bank is meant to be your short term disability insurance plan, the 17 weeks you have to wait until Long Term Disability commences. You may have heard or have had the conversation with management about your own sick time usage and it may be followed up with an email outlining the conversation you had. Some departments are scheduling these meetings every six months, others have the conversation at the end of a Performance Development meeting. The conversations are not disciplinary and do not require the attendance of a Union representative. There are some new HR policies being drafted but until then, read the following policies: Family Medical Leave Section III Policy #18; Medical/Dental Appointments Section III Policy #25.

As per the Collective Agreement Article 20 whenever possible you are to call in sick within 60 minutes of starting your shift – you call in to your Supervisor or another member of management in your area, and you only need to say you are calling in sick, or you are calling in a family sick day. You do not need to describe the nature of your illness, nor do you report to another 1883 member. If your Supervisor presses for details, advise you will provide information as requested directly to the Back to Work Coordinator Ann Steadman.

If attending a medical appointment, you may be asked how you will make up this time. Please be aware, you have other options in addition to “making up the time” The policy allows for time to be made up using sick time, lieu time, vacation time, unpaid time or adjustment to your work schedule. Also, you do not need (nor should you) to provide details regarding your medical appointments. If you have an appointment out of town for a specialist, you need only say that. You do not need to indicate what type of specialist or where out of town it is. Again, if pressed, advise your manager that any information requested will be provided directly to the Back to Work Coordinator.


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