About Us

People depend on public services; services depend on people to deliver them.
Our Local represents approximately 800 office, clerical, and technical employees of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Our members serve the public in many ways: we are promoters and protectors of public health; people who deliver social assistance, employment programs, and social housing; land use planners, and many more workers who deliver valued public services.

We are proud public servants, and proud members of Canada’s largest union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees.
On this site you will find our Local’s Collective Agreement with our employer and our internal By-Laws, as well as notices of upcoming meetings, and topics of interest to our members. Keep checking back for up-to-date information!

We have set up a private listserve and web forum for members of our Local to discuss union matters with each other. Please click here to give our listserve moderator your name and home email address so that you can participate in private discussions particular to our Local.